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Weighted by Expectation

  • Weighted by Expectation

The word expectation is something we’ve thrown around quite a bit around here. It’s a poison chalice for any sports fan that sucks you into a wormhole of inevitable disappointment when used. And while ignoring would serve to bring greater purpose in your meaning as a fan of team x, for a fan that’s all blood, sweat and tears invested, it’s an impossible concept.

Which is why then that an Anzac Day loss, against cellar dwellers and hated rivals Manly, still hurts so much. Granted we haven’t seen the purple take the field since then, which has just prolonged that period of grief, but when you count that we’ve lost three times this year, twice to Manly, and Manly have only won two games, well really…it’s pulling of the hair stuff.

It’s all relative in the end, sure. If Mann had have gotten just tiny bit closer we’d be laughing our way at the top of the table, and save all that expectation stuff for another week. Yet when the sentiment going in was that we had to take every chance, every certainty, we came up short.

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We’re still comfortably sitting at third, with a winnable game against the Eels coming up, but at the end of the season, how much is losing twice to the Sea Eagles - by a combined 4 points – going to be the difference between a top four spot, or a spot in the finals at all.

Admirable losses or indicative of larger problems. How do you rate the Storm’s 5-3 start? 

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